It's about HOPE and how you can HELP......You can give a one time donation or enroll in our monthly sponsorship program.... and give kids in crisis HOPE....

To give a one time donation, simply click on the Donate link below.  To enroll in our monthly sponsorship program, simply pick the program that best fits your needs and click the title to begin enrollment.  When you enroll in our monthly sponsorship program, you will receive a quarterly newsletter, so that you can see how your donations are giving kids HOPE.

Our 5013c non-profit organization accepts financial contributions from individuals, businesses and organizations for our operating costs, renovation projects and special projects (such as a fire sprinkler system, 12 passenger van, new appliances, etc.).

We use PayPal as a way to securely and easily process our online donations. You may contribute any amount you wish, and you will receive a receipt in your email inbox once the donation processes.

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Fun Pass Sponsorship:$10/month or $20 annually

You would be providing one child with one day of fun a month!! You would be giving a child the gift of new experiences, that most of us take for granted; a trip to the movies, area play places, bowling, ice cream, sno-cones, a picnic in the park, a trip to the pumpkin patch.... our children need the opportunity to experience fun, like any other child.

First 48 Emergency Services Sponsorship:$21/month or $250 annually

You would be providing the critical support and services that need to be provided to a child within the first 48 hrs of being removed from their family. This would include dental/medical visits, clothing, toiletries, psychological screening, education preparation, meals, and other crisis needs. As children often arrive scared, and with nothing, these needs are great.

Short Term Placement Sponsorship:$27/month or $325 annually

You would be providing 3 weeks of safe shelter, meals, educational support, and transportation. Since July 2012 (barely a year) the home has been a safe haven for over 100 children.

Child's Play Sponsorship:$42/month or $500 annually

For younger children, you would be providing new and replacing worn or broken toys and furniture in the younger children's playroom for one year. Sometimes these children have never had any toys at all. One child in foster care, remembered playing in an alley with broken glass as a toddler because there were no toys for her to play with. She said she was trying to make the glass shapes into a heart.

For older children, you would be providing new, replacing, and refreshing educational games and furniture in the game room for older children and youth. Often times these children are behind in school because of the constant upheaval in their lives. They are often very aware of social pressures. Educational games are critical to help them stay in school and catch up to their peers.

Education Technology Sponsorship:$50/month or $600 annually

Computers are required for homework and online education systems that are being utilized by the area's public schools. One $600 commitment will cover, just one laptop. Now imagine doing homework with 12 children every evening with one computer and you understand why this is such a crucial need. We are in the process of remodeling a computer lab/homework room to give the children a nice, dedicated space to work on their school work and hopefully, emphasize the importance of education during their time with us, so that they carry those good habits with them on the next stop on their journey.

Community Awareness Sponsorship:$125/month or $1500 annually

One of the missions of Hope Children's Home is to educate the community about what foster care actually is and recruit new foster parents to give these children good, loving homes, to live in while their families are working through their issues. There are only 30 licsened foster homes in Perry, Bollinger, and Cape Girardeau County. On average, there are 200 children who enter our foster care system annually. Clearly, the need for loving families to provide a safe have for these children is great. Your donation would provide us with the resources to hold events, print educational materials, promote, and raise awareness about this great need. You would be helping find homes and hope for our children in need.

Safe and Secure Sponsorship:$250/month or $3380(one time cost)

The children who come to Hope Children's Home are not trouble but sometimes they come from a troubling past and they are all experiencing some level of crisis. The adults in their lives may struggle with substance abuse issues, mental illness, or other unhealthy behaviors. For the protection of the children and caregivers, this donation would provide a basic home security system installation, including door alarms and cameras.

Windows of Opportunity Sponsorship:$730/month or $8750(one time cost)

Our 1890's era home is beautiful but in desperate need of new windows. The summer air conditioning and winter heating bills are much higher than necessary. The windows are old and inefficient. Some windows even have gaps that are nearly an inch wide!! This donation will keep giving because it will likely largely reduce the heating/cooling costs of the home.

Winds of Change Sponsorship:$1210/month or $14,500(one time cost

Hope Children's Home is a lovely historic home that was built in the 1890's. As you can imagine, the air conditioning system is in desperate need of replacement and repair. This donation would completely replace the current, outdated A/C system so that the house parents and children can seek respite from the sweltering MO summer heat. This is also a donation that will keep giving by greatly reducing our large utility bills.

Friends of Hope:More than $15,000 annually

This sponsorship opportunity is for those who wish to donate above and beyond what our sponsorship program has laid out. It takes a lot to keep an organization like this running and we wouldn't be able to do it, without the help of our community. For the displaced, homeless children in our foster care system; never has the phrase "It takes a village" fit so appropriately. Imagine, a child who has never been able to play baseball or order school pictures.... you would be providing a new life for a child in need of HOPE.