We are a family.....  We are a HOME
It is important to us that the children at HCH are taken care of in a family setting, not group home environment.

Meet the HOUSE PARENTS...... "Daddy" Darrell and "Mommy" Julie

 "Daddy" Darrell and "Mommy" Julie Tillman, as some of the kids have nicknamed them;  have the task of caring for 12 children at any given time and I have to say, they do a pretty amazing job doing it!!

Darrell and Julie have been foster parents for more than 25 YEARS ...and for Julie the journey into foster care, started even before that!! When she was a child, Julie wanted a baby brother or sister. So her parents began fostering and Julie's wish came true. She was the older sibling to several baby brothers and sisters. From her parent's amazing example, naturally Julie was led to be a foster parent herself as an adult.

Julie and Darrell have 3 biological children, 4 grandchildren, have adopted 2 children from foster care, and taken care of so many foster children the closest guess she had was in well into the hundreds.

Right when they were almost completely retired from foster care, they were asked to be the house parents here, at Hope Children's Home and so began their new foster care journey! I know there are several children who are blessed because of it. Thanks so much Darrell and Julie for everything you've done for the foster kids in our community!!

House Parents, Julie and Darrell Tillman- julientillman@gmail.com