Hope Needs

There are many things we use on a day-to-day basis that we take in as donations. If you are able to help out with any of these items, please call Crissy at (573) 204-1558 to set up a time to drop them off.

Boys Deodorant                 
Travel Size Shampoo/Body Gel                
Hair Brushes                      
Lg. Nighttime Pull-ups      
African/American Hair & Skin Products    
Clorox Wipes                    
Ziploc Bags (All Sizes)          
Dryer Sheets               
Plastic Storage Tubs with lids                 
Ranch Dressing
Trash Bags                       
Paper Products (Napkins, Paper Towels)   
Peanut Butter
Kool-Aid or Drink Mixes                         
Decorative Duct Tape                            
Frozen Veggies
Frozen Pizza                     
Brochure/Business Card Holders              
Paper Shredder
Cleaning Products              
Snack Crackers/Chips                            
Brownie/Cake Mix
Waterproof Mattress Covers                   
Decorative Mesh
HP 8500A Ink Cartridges                      
Envelopes (All Sizes)   
Acrylic Paint and Art Canvases (For an art show, the kids are hosting)

Donations of gift cards to Resturants (Kid Friendly), Play Places, Movies, Bowling, Frozen Treats, Jackson Pool passes, Cape Splash passes, tickets to special children’s events, etc.  are greatly needed and very much appreciated.   As well as gift cards to Buchheit’s, Walmart, Lowes, Hobby Lobby, Target etc. so that we are able to keep up with home maintenance.  


For monetary donations and info about our monthly sponsorship program, please visit the Donate page.

Hope Clothing Closet

The clothes closet provides for the needs of the children coming into the home, but also reaches beyond our doors to help foster kids in need throughout the community. It is open by appointment only.
To donate "new" clothing items, volunteer to help, or receive clothing for kids in need contact Crissy at 204-1558 or via email at mayberrycrissy@gmail.com.